Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lizzie - Class of 2009!

While I was in Ohio last week, I had the privilege of photographing Jacobs older cousin Lizzie! I was so excited to shoot her senior portraits. We had an awesome time shooting at Walbridge Park & MacQueens Orchard.

Lizzie is a super cool chic who has great taste, we totally rocked this session!

We started out by taking some shots of Lizzie with her best friend Lisa.

Stunning close-up shot!

Look at this yummy light we had.

Get this guys... Lizzie MADE THAT BLUE DRESS! How cool is that?!

Isn't the orchard just amazing?!

The farm across the street from the orchard.

Thanks for letting me hang out and make some amazing photographs for you Lizzie. Also big hugs to Lisa who was there making funny faces and yelling quotes from Dirty Dancing at Lizzie!



Susan Solo said...

She's so cute! And talented! I can barely sew a straight stitch let alone something that I can wear in public, and her dress is gorgeous. Great shots, Jenn! (Why don't we have cool apple orchards like that around here?!)

Linda Truman said...

Jenn - you are blessed with a wonderful can tell you love what you do! Isn't apple harvest time a great backdrop for these senior pictures? You are the best. Thank you! -Lizzie's mom.

Sarah J said...

Hi Jen!!
I've been stalking and waiting to see Carley all dressed up and lookin' good :)very anxious.
Lizzie's shots look great - love the Macqueens and the light looks yummy in all.