Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Carley & Steven - THE WEDDING!!!!!

What I am writing about today is the wedding I shot for one of my great friends on September 27th! It was amazing and TOTALLY unique! I cried like a baby just about the entire day! The wedding took place in an old restored movie theater in Ohio, and they really did up the movie theme. Steven who is an amazing artist, created the movie posters (using our e-session pictures), the animated arch that was on the movie screen during the ceremony, as well as a 40 minute movie that played while we went out to take some pictures. Oh AND he also designed their fab invitations.

I had a blast and am so in love with these images!

mmm popcorn & bling!

Here is a picture of one of the incredible posters:

Steven was up on a ladder setting the spotlight and I captured this awesome silhouette shot.

Our striking Groom all ready to go!

Carley getting ready:

I love this shot, it was taken just before the ceremony and I caught Carley taking a deep breath before she walked upstairs to marry the man of her dreams in front of all their love ones. How intense!!



I think this is my favorite shot, I love the vintage feel that it has.

mmmm cake!!

And one with me!



Susan said...

Ooo, Jenn! I love these! The movie theme is so cool and you captured it perfectly. The rings in the popcorn is just so clever. What a really special thing for you to do that for a good friend. They are so lucky to have you as their friend and photographer!

Mel said...

A super unique wedding and great pictures too, I love it! Congrats to Carley & Steven!

Sarah J said...

WOOOOHOO!! YEAH for you ALL! love the dress, the hair, the POSTER - I want one! Congrats Carley & Steven! I was thinking of you ~

Amie said...

Jenn, these are great! I love, love the bride's dress and the whole movie theme. You really captured it all so perfectly.

Stacey said...

Fab pics! What an extremely extraordinary unique wedding!

Carley said...

You are the coolest, Jenny-Jenn-Jenn! We couldn't have asked for a better photographer to immortalize our special day. xoxoxo