Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ash & E with Kate Triano Photography

Last Saturday I had the great pleasure of photographing a gorgeous wedding as Kate Triano's (check out her killer pictures from the wedding) second shooter.

As the second shooter, I got to spend some quality time with the guys!

We had a hard time keeping cool since it felt like a sauna with all of the humidity! We kept trying to find spots outside that were in the shade and close to the door so that they guys didn't work up too much of a sweat before the ceremony.

Here is a great trio of E! Right before Ashley came down the isle the sweat was just pouring down his face and being the awesome best man that he was, his brother dabbed his face. I love the last one of the three, this was when he saw Ashley walking down the isle.

I'm telling you it was HOT outside!!!

I adore this shot looking down on them as they are walking down the isle, it feels so intimate even though it was a moment where all eyes were on them!

I love Ash's mom shoes! I had to steal a picture of them!

Gotta love the first dance pictures!

Ash & Her mom had a mother/daughter dance and I don't think there was a dry eye in the house.

The Hora! Poor Ash looks TERRIFIED!

The band Prime Time was SO AWESOME. I have already inquired about them playing at MY wedding next year. They did a little number where the girls sany to "I will survive" and the boys came back at them with a little "Soulman". It was hilarious. After that they went into the Grease Mega-Mix with plenty of audience participation.

And finally... who doesn't love a little cake in the face!

Thanks for having me along Kate. It is a blast shooting with you, your clients are always awesome and up for anything! I can't wait for tomorrows wedding!

Stay tuned, in the next few weeks I will have pictures from tomorrows wedding, baby Charlie's newborn session, Lizzie's senior pictures & Carley & Steven's awesome wedding in Ohio!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Havre de Grace - April 2008

In honor of our recent engagement I thought I would start sharing some of our trips from the last year with you guys!

Back in April we went to Havre de Grace, MD to celebrate our first anniversary. Jonathan totally surprised me by renting out the carriage house of the Spencer Silver Mansion. It was so amazing and totally romantic. I was SUPER impressed!

It was still pretty cool and cloudy at the time but we did venture out on the boardwalk. The flowers were starting to bloom and the birds were active.

After that we had a good meal and then retreated to our fantastic carriage house for some champagne! Here are some interior shot of our home away from home:

The next day we enjoyed a fantastic breakfast and delightful conversation with the woman who owns and runs the mansion, Carol. Hanging out with her made our day. Her passion for her home is amazing. The love and care she has put into restoring the house is unbelievable.

Here are some interiors and details from in and around the house:

And finally, one of the 2 adorable mansion cats!

I highly recommend staying there if you ever have the chance. It is super relaxing, a real unique weekend get-away!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Getting Hitched!

Yes... We are engaged!

He tricked me Friday by telling me he had to "work late on a project up at the IT center" which I never question (government guy with a TS clearance so there are things he just can't tell me...typical D.C.).

Well... it turns out the sneaky guy FLEW to Toledo, Oh to spend the afternoon with my father to ask him for his blessing!

His plans of a Saturday picnic were blown by this silly hurricane Hanna but he was still determined and he set up a picnic for us on the back deck (it's screened in) and surprised me with a fancy cheese/fruit/wine spread and...well....duh... THE RING!

I yelled, cried, cried, called him a trickster, laughed, and cried some more. It was great times. It was truly a perfect day.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Arti & Gautam - Glen Echo Park!

On Sunday night I met up with Arti & Gautam at Glen Echo Park in Maryland for our "Getting to Know You" session.

They both looked absolutely stunning and so completely in love! I love how the yellow contrasts with the pinks and blues of Arti's clothing in the above picture.

Gautam is so handsome...

and Arti is quite beautiful as well, look at those eyes!!

They changed into some cute, what I like to call "date night", outfits and we played around in the park as the sun was going down.

How perfect is this shot at the park entrance? I love it!

I had such a good time guys! I can not wait for the wedding in November!