Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Carley & Steven - The Rockin' Engagement!!

Also when I was in Ohio I got to shoot an engagement session for my good friend Carley! I finally got to meet her man Steven and let me tell you... I love this couple! I absolutely can not wait for their September 27th wedding! I won't blab on today, straight to the awesomeness...

Here is my attempt at a good Superman & Lois Lane pose

I love how Steven looks at Carley, he gets this little boy grin and they both just glow!

mmm perfect sunlight!

One thing about Carley is that she has THE MOST INFECTIOUS LAUGH.. ever... period.. seriously!

Totally sexy!

We were shooting this session in downtown Perrysburg and I decided I needed a fountain. We drove two blocks and used my uncles back yard for a few shots. They were out of town for the weekend but I knew they wouldn't mind!

After we had enough of The Burg we ventured over to Maumee to shoot at Sidecut Park. I have always loved this place. When I lived in the area I can't even recall how many portrait and engagement sessions I shot there. I even got to shoot one wedding there and it was sooooo fantastic. If you are getting married in the Toledo area I highly suggest looking into it!

Gosh I love summer in North West Ohio and being able to shoot well into the evening! The light then is just so magical.

After the park, Carley & Steven changed clothes and we went down to the docks in Toledo. We had a blast there and also met up with an old friend! Sarah J. Guess who is also a rockin' photographer used to work with Carley & I at a one hour photolab back in the day. She came out and snapped some shots with me and then we had a yummy dinner and spent quite a few hours catching up.

What a fun day!

For more shots be sure to check out their slide show right here!


Tara Young Photography said...

Jenn-I love these! The dip shot is fabulous, love the crop that you have on it and the richness of the black and white. They look like a really fun couple.

Jessica Del Vecchio said...

These are fabulous, Jenn! Great job!!

Smith Gallery Photography said...

These look fantastic --- great job Jenn!!

Naomi Claire said...

jenn you ROCKED this shoot, they are going to be sooooo happy with their photos!! the slideshow is super cute! :)

Chelsea Nicole said...

Awww, what a great shoot!! You captured their relationship so beautifully... You can really tell they are perfect together. :)

Sarah J said...

Yummmmy! Looks great ~ Jenn!