Monday, April 28, 2008

The Great Return of the Twin Lens Reflex Camera!

Today I stumbled upon this great article/blog/tutorial... whatever you want to call it!

It is all about finding a way to go digital with your vintage (toy) cameras. This discovery brought much joy to me on this rainy day. For ages I have been trying to find a way to utilize my old twin lens reflex camera. While the article was mainly directed at cheaper cameras like the Kodak Duaflex or Brownie I still found it very useful for my beloved Mamiya C330.

Here is what it looks like (thank you google image search):

This is the camera I shot with through college and at one time never thought I could make a photograph without it.

After reading that tutorial I literally jumped out of my chair, grabbed my current camera & the C330 and ran outside while yelling to Jonathan, "I need to try out a new trick".

Here are a couple more of my results! I got Jonathan to model for me.

Also note that since the C330 was once a professional camera it does not have the fish eye look that some of those samples had and mine also had a focusing circle in the middle of the ground glass as well as numbers on the side!

Please let me know what you think of these images!!

If you are having a portrait session with me and are interested in having a few pictures shot this way just let me know!

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Susan Solo said...

What a FUN trick! I actually really love the numbers and the focusing circle. Awesome!