Thursday, April 10, 2008

The historic town of Occoquan, Virginia

A few weeks ago I woke up to this email from Jonathan:

Subject: Lists of to-do and such....

Ok, so here's the list, if you're willing : )

First, get dressed for going out. You'll be gone for a while today, and bring your camera.

At Lowe's / Home Depot:

1) Pick up 1 quart (or 1 pint if they have them) of those two colors, plus a third color of your choice.

At the bank:

1) Deposit that check in the bank for me. I signed it, and it's on my desk.

Lastly...fill up your gas tank on my card, and drive somewhere. Don't worry about your car, just get in and drive...if it breaks today, it was gonna break anyway. It's a beautiful day! Drive down south, drive out west, drive to the Metro and go into town...go anywhere! But take some pictures. They make you happy :)

Bring your phone, and text me to let me know what you're up to : ) Love you!

What a great feeling to know that your *someone* truly gets you and understands what you need!

So what I ended up doing was getting in the car and going to Occoquan!

I had heard it was fantastic and people told me I would love it and I sure did! I don't have many pictures that show you the town but as always I got stuck in the little details. It really was the first day that I got to see that spring was really here so I became obsessed with all the different blossoms!


A self portrait:

Oddly I love to photograph electric meters on buildings. I have always done it without even thinkings. I think it is because they are such and eye sore on a building but if you really look at them there are some beautiful lines, shapes & symmetry going on! I also just love the texture and color!


Tracy Timmester said...

Hey there, Jenn. It was great to meet you two weeks ago at the Rockstar Roadtrip Seminar. I love your Occoquan pictures, and your relationship with Jonathan sounds wonderful :) Anyone who encourages you to do the things you love is a keeper! Hope to meet up with you again soon!

Smith Gallery Photography said...

I LOVE these!