Monday, August 10, 2009

Geek Love 2010! Free Wedding Photography Contest!

Geek Love 2010! Free Wedding Photography Contest!

In celebration of being 60 days out from my own wedding I am offering FREE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY to one amazing couple! Being that Jonathan and I met online playing World Of Warcraft, the theme of the contest can’t be anything other than “Geek Love”!

So all of you out there who think this theme might apply to YOU send me an essay with the following information:

How does the theme “Geek Love” apply to you as a couple?
Your story. (How you met, the proposal, all those great details)
You vision for your wedding (inspirations boards are always welcome).
Why you think I would be the best photographer for your wedding.
Your favorite picture of the two of you.

Please don't forget to include:

Your full names
Wedding date & locations
Contact phone number
Links to any video, personal wedding websites, blogs or other pictures that will help me get to know you better!

The winning couple will receive:

8 hours of wedding day coverage by Jenn Link and all their edited high-resolution images on disc with personal usage rights.
Online password protected gallery of your wedding images available for 6 months.
Online slide show of wedding highlights available for 6 months.
(A total value of $2,800.00)

Travel within 45 miles of zip code 22025 is included

For weddings outside of the 45 mile radius my standard travel fees apply.


Your wedding or commitment ceremony date must be between January 1, 2010 & December 31, 2010.
Couples currently booked with or who have met with Jenn Link Photography prior to August 10, 2009 are not eligible.
Dates are subject to Jenn Link’s availability

All entries must be received by 11:59pm, Thursday September 10th, 2009. 3 Finalists will be announced on Monday September 21, 2009. The winners will be announced on Monday September 28th, 2009.

Please email all entries to with "Geek Love 2010!" in the subject line.

I look forward to many stories of gamer, larper, science & math, renaissance fair, comic book, sci-fi & fantasy and web geek love!

Stay tuned for the announcement of my awesome Judges!


I have received some fantastic comments from some awesome brides-to-be about me being too far away for them to enter the contest! I just want you all to know that my travel rates are VERY reasonable. One benefit of living in the DC area is that airfare is CHEAP since it is such a major hub! You can generally get me anywhere in the US for around $250 round trip. Also, if your wedding is around a place that I have friends or family I will ALWAYS try and stay with them before getting a hotel that you have to pay for. Please don't let the travel costs be a reason you don't apply for the contest!



Anonymous said...

Haha this is so great! I'll definitely pass on the word :-)

Shauna said...

Too bad you're so far and our wedding is this year!
Our wedding reception theme is Video Games, including a cake topper featuring Luigi and Daisy and Piranha Plant Centerpieces! Lots of other VG related things too.
Also, the fiance and I really got to know each other better bonding at cons and go to at least one almost every year.

Sarah Hodzic said...

This is such a fun idea Jen! Can't wait to see who enters the contest!

helliott9 said...

I second Shauna's remark, I would apply if you weren't so far away! My fiance and I met before WoW, but we did meet online and plan to have a lot of geek themes (Dragons is the theme, we plan to have some gaming going on at the reception, etc.)

Bcreative said...

wow... to bad we are getting married out of the country. My fiance and I met in Second Life.. what started off as a geeky friendship a few years later turned into a relationship. We plan on having a Halloween wedding in 2010. We got married in Second life on Halloween of 2007 so we thought it would be fun to get married in the real world on the same day. The link to my blog has more info on how our story evolved and pics if anyone is interested.

Jackie said...

hehe I met my fiance on WoW!!! <3

Jenn said...

You guys should all enter anyway! Heck Bcreative I would probably PAY YOU to let me go to Norway! LOL

Thanks for all the blog love everyone!

Lady Lara Jones said...

Wow! I wish I didn't live so far away (I'm in Maine). My fiance proposed to me by making a yoshi ring box (we both love Yoshi) and our wedding cake is going to look like a giant musk melon with two yoshis as the cake toppers.

Jenn said...

You aren't too far, a round trip flight to Maine is no more than $250! $250+ a hotel is a steal for wedding photography! :)

Monique Rio said...

Like many others have said, it's too bad you're so far away. We're in Michigan.

My fiance and I met through swing dancing and now sing and dance and play music for our local SCA barony. Our wedding party is going to be dressed in Tudor garb, and I'm making my dress to look like a blue version of Princess Elizabeth's dress. The wedding's taking place in a renovated barn and the dancing's going to be English Country, Contra, and of course swing dancing. I'm so geeked!

(Can you tell I like talking about my wedding?)

Jenn said...

Where in Michigan are you? I offer discounted travel in parts of Michigan (I have tons of family there).

Carolyn said...

Darn it Jenn! It's too sad to be the geeks featured on your geek contest posting and not be eligible for contest-worthy geekdom! Did that make sense?? Crowberger loves Batman, Green Lantern, and Jenn!

Bcreative said...

Aww darn I forgot the deadline was last thursday. I was thinking it was this thursday. Been moving and waiting for a internet connection at my new place... bummer.. would have been a fun contest to enter.

Jenn said...

Good news bcreative! I extended the deadline for a few more days due to the popularity of the contest and how much I am loving reading all the these stories!

Bcreative said...

Aww double bummer... I didn't see your reply til now.. best of luck to all those geeks in love!