Sunday, September 14, 2008

Havre de Grace - April 2008

In honor of our recent engagement I thought I would start sharing some of our trips from the last year with you guys!

Back in April we went to Havre de Grace, MD to celebrate our first anniversary. Jonathan totally surprised me by renting out the carriage house of the Spencer Silver Mansion. It was so amazing and totally romantic. I was SUPER impressed!

It was still pretty cool and cloudy at the time but we did venture out on the boardwalk. The flowers were starting to bloom and the birds were active.

After that we had a good meal and then retreated to our fantastic carriage house for some champagne! Here are some interior shot of our home away from home:

The next day we enjoyed a fantastic breakfast and delightful conversation with the woman who owns and runs the mansion, Carol. Hanging out with her made our day. Her passion for her home is amazing. The love and care she has put into restoring the house is unbelievable.

Here are some interiors and details from in and around the house:

And finally, one of the 2 adorable mansion cats!

I highly recommend staying there if you ever have the chance. It is super relaxing, a real unique weekend get-away!


Susan Solo said...

Beautiful images, Jenn! Wow, that house is adorable. Very nice pick, Jonathan!

Amie said...

Jenn, that house is amazing! What a great way to spend your first anniversary! Beautiful photos too :)