Thursday, September 11, 2008

Getting Hitched!

Yes... We are engaged!

He tricked me Friday by telling me he had to "work late on a project up at the IT center" which I never question (government guy with a TS clearance so there are things he just can't tell me...typical D.C.).

Well... it turns out the sneaky guy FLEW to Toledo, Oh to spend the afternoon with my father to ask him for his blessing!

His plans of a Saturday picnic were blown by this silly hurricane Hanna but he was still determined and he set up a picnic for us on the back deck (it's screened in) and surprised me with a fancy cheese/fruit/wine spread and...well....duh... THE RING!

I yelled, cried, cried, called him a trickster, laughed, and cried some more. It was great times. It was truly a perfect day.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Jenn congratulations!!!!!!! :) :) :) How exciting! I guess all of that "market research" we talked about is finally going to come into use hehe... All the best, can't wait to hear about it during our lunch in October.

Sarah J said...

YEAH!! YIPPPEEE!! Congrats to you ~ I'm really really really happy (for you)!!

Susan Solo said...

Jenn, I am so thrilled for you! I love everything about the story, too...the trickery, the suspense and the romance. Perfect!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! How very exciting. Wish you both the best!