Sunday, June 8, 2008

Baby Roman is 6 months old!

And boy is he my favorite 6 month old! Oh alright I'll confess, he is the only 6 month old I know right now, but even if it wasn't he would still be number 1!

A few few weeks ago (omg I am so far behind on my blogging!) I drove down to our friends new house for Romans 6 month session.

First of all let me just say.... YAY FOR THE NEW HOUSE! They moved sorta far... just over an hour SW of us, but they got such a great place! TONS of land for the kids to play in and just so much more space than the town home they lived in before. Jonathan and I are so happy for them and have really enjoyed our visits since the move.

Now, on to Roman! When I arrived Roman was looking pretty cool with his faux-hawk and snazzy outfit. He is crawling now and when I was there he showed me how well he spins himself in circles! That must have been exhausting because he got very sleepy! We decided to head upstairs for some naked baby sleepy shots.

Their new cat Mr. Pringles (funny name huh? It's because he has a mustache like the guy on the Pringles can) seemed to think I was there to photograph him though!

Finally when he was really beat Jen laid him down for his nap but I couldn't help sneaking in some shots of him in his crib.

While Roman napped, Jen & I talked, ate some lunch and hung out with the lovely Tatiana (one of Roman's 4 incredible siblings). This was the fist time I had photographed Roman when his older brothers and sister were at school so while he was napping I think Tatiana enjoyed the time alone with me and mommy.

I forgot to mention, Jen had the cutest shirt on! She made it herself and I just totally loved it!

After a hearty nap Roman was up and ready for more photos!
I grabbed this one right before that yellow star went into his mouth...

And finally my favorite shot of the day. I am just a total sucker for a good relationship shot. A lot of the time parents just don't want to be in the pictures because they hadn't expected it or didn't think they looked good that day but honestly... none of that shows when you capture a priceless image like this one.

I also made a slide show that can be seen by clicking this link. It featured tons more shots from the day and a cute montage of Tatiana dancing in the backyard!

More blogs to come soon!

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