Saturday, March 15, 2008

Mister Cricket (Sir Cries A lot)

Today I have been extra tough on our cat Cricket. It is really hard for me to explain his personality but I can best describe him as a 2 year old who *really* needs a nap. He wants to get in everything and is very vocal about it. He always wants more... more food... more lovin'... more toys... more boxes to sit in... more things to knock off or the counter and eat (bread, apples, beef jerky are his recent favorites). Today has been full of the classic "NO" with the stern finger point, as well as the spray bottle. But then he can be just so darn cute and good and you can not be mad at the guy!

In honor of him being a pain in my rear today and a constant distraction, here are a few portraits I took of him a few weeks ago!

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