Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hike in the Park!

Maybe a month ago now (wow I am behind) Jonathan and I took advantage of an unseasonably warm Sunday afternoon and visited the Prince William Forest Park which is virtually right in our neighborhood! It was fantastic! Turns out it will be a great place for camping with our friends when we don't want to drive all the way to Shenandoah. We took a small hike (maybe 1.5-2 miles) on a path that leads to the site where there was once a huge pyrite mine. It is amazing how they have been able to reclaim the land.

Jonathan is truly in his element when he is on a hike. At the core he is one of those true hippy-nature-love guys. I can't say I LOVE to hike but I am learning to enjoy it and just seeing how happy it makes him makes me enjoy it a thousand times more. Love does funny things to you!

I took some photos for you all to enjoy!

This is where the mine once was, with a sign to show what it once looked like. It was really amazing to see.

Trail markers (I forget the real name, Jonathan kept telling me but I am just not hip with hiker lingo yet). I loved the color and texture here.

At one point we thought we had left the park and were on the Quantico property. Last thing we wanted was to end up like swiss cheese!

And my awesome Jonathan!

We are off to the Poconos for the weekend with about 20 of Jonathan's (ok they are mine too!) friends for a fun weekend!

I will be shooting some maternity shots of our friend who is due in just a few weeks! I am so excited!!


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