Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Last Sunday I posted a teaser image of Jack, the super cute, super full of smiles 8 month old baby of our friends Rachel & Steve.

Remember this face?

How could you not?

Well here are some of my other favorite shots from our session...

I started out really early in the morning. Jonathan and I were sleeping downstairs and I heard all this really cute cooing coming from Jack's room upstairs. I grabbed my camera and snuck up there to capture this super happy baby totally entertaining himself in his crib.

Shortly after this Rachel joined us in the room for some awesome nakey baby time!

Can you believe this face?! So happy!

In the early afternoon when the sun started to peak out we went outside for a few family photos.

My favorite:

I can't wait for many more session with this little bundle of joy. It was truly a pleasure!


Susan Solo said...

Oh these are just the cutest! I love that face! That third photo really needs to be an ad for something. The colors and his expression are so fun!

Kristen Gardner said...

What an adorable baby! I love those green eyes. Jenn-- you did such a great job capturing his expressions!! Too cute.