Sunday, March 29, 2009

Jack - A Teaser!

Today I had a blast hanging out with and photographing our friends baby Jack. He is such a good boy who is full of laughs and smiles! Let's just say he was a total pleasure to work with!

More blogging to come soon... I promise!!!


rachel said...

aww!! what a great shot ... i cannot wait to see the rest!! btw -- I know jack had a blast hanging out with you too :)

Anonymous said...

Jenn, you caught Jack beautifully. He is adorable...I'm not bias, just his grandmother! Can't wait to see the rest! Thanks, Rachel's mom, Judy.

Anonymous said...

Watch out Gerber here we come!!! What a wonderful picture!!
Ya gotta just SMILE when you look at Jack!!!!
This is from Rachel's aunt, Susan

Anonymous said...

ok i ll be his agent this is a winner WHAT A CUTIE AND A BEAUTY
I can still say beauty hes still little and im his aunt!
Lois love u

Susan Solo said...

Oh my gosh! What a cute cute CUTIE. I love this photo!